Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Much like the rest of the Northeast, we have been pummeled by lots of snow. With this being said, we have been staying home, having extra t.v. time, baking, cooking, sledding, working on science projects,  and playing a lot indoors. We also, squeezed in a Valentines Dance,  another trip to the ER and a gymnastics meet. We were even given one day of warmer weather and sunshine and we savored it!

I love the freshness of a new snow. Although, when it melts and it is cold and messes up daily schedules, it is still so refreshing to see God's work. I love how the snow on this azalea looks like cotton. So fresh it looks like you should just be able to reach up and pick it right off the stem.

 This little Pickle is still growing like a weed. Her little personality is coming through and she can be quite funny. She's very social and smiles at everyone. Although she's still not walking she has mastered standing alone.
 Look Mama, more snow!!! Baby girl loves to climb in her chair and open her curtains and look out her bedroom window. See what I mean about personality! This is her WOW face!
 Big sister has made it her mission to make sure baby sister begins walking. She practices with her every day.
 So by far this baby is my worst veggie eater. I have tried everything and recently, I gave her ranch dressing for dipping and it worked for a while and then she realized licking the whole bowl was a better deal.
 So at the girls new school, they have a Valentines dance where parents are included and younger siblings. We all had a great time. Here the girls are prepping for the big night. Nails and hair first.

 Then a friend of the girls invited them and other friends to come over for a small little pre-dance party. She had a full menu for them and it was a lot of fun.
 Here is C with her new best friend here in VA. These two are two peas in a pod and are always up to something. Cuteness overload!!!
 This is G with her good friend G here in Va. Can you tell they went dress shopping together. So stinkin fun and cute.
 Well after praying for days for it to show a little reprieve from the cold, the Lord granted my request. Naturally, we declared it an outdoor day. So we washed and cleaned the car out, got out our beach chairs and got a little sun on these very cold, white dried out little bodies. It was wonderful. We are very excited for Spring break in Florida very soon!
 So things wouldn't be normal if someone didn't make a doctor run. This kid has had a rough go since the beginning of the year, but after falling on the beam and getting stitches, she is still all smiles.
 Valentines Day wasn't your typical romantic night, but with everyone under the weather and lots of more snow coming in to town, we kept things low key and at home. Snuggles, gifts and a heart  chocolate chip cookie made for the perfect night. Love my 4 valentines.

 Finally, a week later, this kid got her stitches out, and rocked her gym meet. Top ten finishes all around. Her resilience really pays off.

Well that is a wrap around here. We have been busy as usual with the party of five and despite the weather, we haven't let it get us down.  Below, I have included a video of G and her daddy at the Valentines dance. I wish we could freeze her in time. I can hardly believe this is her last year in elementary school. She won't want to dance with us in public for much longer, but for now we are soaking up these special moments.

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