Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Many " Likes"

It is amazing how when one person decides to take a break from FB or other social media sites how it can stir a frenzy. People automatically assume the worst, something has happened, or there is secret drama behind the exit sign. I can honestly say there really isn't any real or at least interesting drama behind my choice to take a different route for a change. I can tell you, that an interesting conversation with my soon approaching tween, is what caught my attention. She is young, vibrant, very into pop culture, media, friends, changes about herself and etc. So it shouldn't have surprised me to hear her comment on the "like" frenzy that FB and other social media outlets have created. In her young mind and world a " like" seems like a validation, a ticket to "friends". In her world, it is what defines you as popular, hip, the next big thing. That moment, I had a realization. I have set that tone, I have shown her that it is ok to get validation this way. As adults we have modeled that behavior. We have taught our kids that is where we get our personal edification from, how things we cannot touch or feel, have so much control over our emotions, perceptions, interests and families. After thinking and talking with her about the "like" frenzy, I decided it was time to do some serious modeling, realigning, studying, and good old homegrown life lessons. What I want her to learn most from this next year is the fact that social media can be good, but can also be dangerous, misleading, and bad. It is a great way to share and reconnect, but it is also a place where people can hide behind platforms, people can solicit you, "follow", "friend" you. In actuality, very few of those "friends" have any other contact outside of the "like" button. It is an unpersonable and insincere avenue to communication and connection. It can be malicious, superficial and untruthful. Frankly, the idea of being a "friend" but yet you can still be a "friend" while unfollowing someone is a indication that these social media outlets are coming to be nothing more than a game. A avenue for sales, a way for someone to make their case for how they feel on matters, a way for some one to look at themselves and compare themselves and their families to others. It can be passive aggressive, a way for people to only be in your life when they want to be, on their own terms. What I want my daughters and others to know about this next year is that despite what is happening on social media, THEY ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Who cares, how many "likes" a picture gets, who cares what outfit got the most hits, who cares which blog is taking off with the most followers. What matters is how you are living your life. What you love about yourself. You ARE enough. The game of comparing and keeping up with Jones' life is exhausting. Believe in yourself, believe your spouses ARE enough, believe your children ARE enough and believe you, yourself ARE enough. You do not need validation from any where else. Quit looking at other people lives and what they have materialistically and comparing them to yourself. Take the time to validate your own marriage, your spouse and what they are trying to do to provide for the family. Quit setting up your children to meet unrealistic expectations. Quit comparing yourself to so and so. Be happy in the moment you are in. There is a lot to be said with the saying, " The grass is not always greener on the other side." Be content, still! We, including myself, have all been guilty at looking towards those things, feeling those feelings. The validation is an inward action, it's a verb. It is something you do and only you can do it. You might ask, why I know you are enough, well because my Heavenly Father said so. He bought each of us at the highest price possible and we are far more worthy to him than rubies and precious stones. BELIEVE that. He doesn't do half jobs, each of us were created to be set apart from others. Be BOLD! He believes in you. You are by far His most precious work! I am certain of this, he would not want myself, or anyone else comparing ourselves to the "like" factor. Be DIFFERENT! Change is hard, habits are hard to break, but I think the consequence of not changing our society's view of the "like" system is far more costly. We have lost our purpose that we were designed for. Life is hard enough and the devil works hard enough to separate us from happiness. Why give that happiness away so freely. How many times has social media effected your mood, what you thought about a subject or person? Maybe even innocent articles have pulled you away from the truth. How many times has a "unfriending" upset you? It is a vicious cycle that has removed us from free living. We no longer talk on the phone, send real letters or even email anymore, instead we hide behind a smoke glass, putting on a show for those to see.

What I want for my family to know is that they are more than that. They ARE enough and although our life is crazy, full of chaos at times, it is our life and it is very real! It may not be perfect, but we are renewed every day through HIM! His Grace abounds through us. We owe it to him to push on. To consider ourselves more! We were never mean't to be just a simple "like" we are His. This year, we want to simplify things and get back to basics. We want to share our real deal with you and your families. We want to connect in a sincere way. This year, our family goal is to travel more, see our "friends" in real life, connect with them "old school". Might I dare say we will even pick up the phone and call someone. Cards will be sent for birthdays, not because we were automatically reminded, but because we remembered on our own and went and bought one and then mailed it to you, to precious you. Why you ask? Because my friends you are ENOUGH and you DESERVE more. My Lord told me so!!!

 “For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” I Cor. 6: "For you were formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you. for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Ps 139:13-14

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015


The word simplify means, to make simple or simpler. To make something less complex, to reduce fundamental parts, or to make something easier to understand. The idea of the word simplify delights my soul. It gives me thoughts of things being easier and less stressful. It fills my spirit with quietness and hopefulness. It is encouraging and motivating. Every New Year brings about a new challenge and sets of resolutions. I personally usually do not make resolutions, mostly, because I don't like the idea of setting myself up for failure. So I'd rather surprise myself at the end of the year with what I did do and learn. This year, I am singing a new tune. I have sat down and thought extensively about some things that I want to do differently. I have gauged new priorities and I'm going to focus on goals that I have been wanting to achieve, but have been put on the back burner. Why not now? Simplify! This year you won't find me on FB instead I will be writing more, playing more, exercising, reading, traveling, learning a new trait and worrying less, and focusing on people who engage and share in our family's happiness. It may not sound simple to you, but it does to me. Focusing on things that quiet my soul are things worth doing. It's being happy with what you have (material things), but yet engaging in making more memories with your family (traveling with them, playing with them). Being a parent that says, "Yes" more than the one that says, "No". Engaging with friends and family that want you to be in their life. Putting the phone away at night and using that time to talk to my husband and share in his daily happenings. Being more present in the now and less distracted while sharing with him. Here's to a New Year. We encourage our friends and family to take this journey with us. We are currently trying to get a way for you to subscribe to our blog and receive updates on our progress. Like anything new, I will need to do my homework to make that work. Thank goodness my hubby is more tech savvy than myself. Here you will find updates, pictures and the happenings with us. Above all, we hope our family is an encouragement to yours. Life is hard, but friends and family make it worth the ride! Hold tight because Team Walker is taking off in 2015!