Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fuel For The Jet Guy

If you want your man to run out and voluntarily do the grocery shopping, then try making this one day for him for breakfast and the next time you need something picked up at the store, I guarantee you he will gladly volunteer to do so and he just might bring home some extra items so you can make this again. =) 

This is a yummy omelet type egg casserole that has become quite the hit at our house. Not with just the Jet Guy, but also the kids. It can be done in several varieties, but the one I'm posting is a favorite. I sometimes substitute peppers, instead of mushrooms, add some cheese, top it with salsa and sliced advocado. Pretty much any variety of veggies would be great in it. Be creative! The best part of it all,  is that it's so easy, but yet tastes like it took you hours in the kitchen preparing it! Gotta love that!  

First, dice you up some mushrooms 1 cup, green onions, about two stems, and a good teaspoon of minced garlic. Saute them in some olive oil until the flavors begin to mix well (the smell is amazing) cook until veggies are soft. Once done, drain them on a paper towel lined plate and place them to the side until it's time to mix them in.
 Every southern girl knows her heart belongs to good ole' Jimmy Dean and hence her cooking wins the heart of her man. Every good omelet has to include sausage, so here it is unfrozen. Cook it in the same pan you sauteed the veggies in and cook until no longer pink. Once done, drain it and also put to the side until it's time to mix it in.
 So everyone knows my Jet Guy is serious about his eggs. He eats a lot of eggs a day so in my recipe I use 7, but you could use anywhere between 6 and 8. 7 was a happy medium for us! =) Don't forget to salt and pepper here to your taste.
 The next step is to add in some coconut milk. I use about a half of a can, full fat and whichever brand I can find in the store. Remember coconut milk has solid and water consistencies so a good idea is to pour it out in a bowl mix it until blended and then pour half of that mixture in with the eggs. This gives the omelet the fluffy look like milk would do. This is just a more healthier version and don't worry it does not taste like coconut. This southern girl would not mess up a good omelet with something fruity if I thought it would alter the taste. Mama and Granny taught me better than that. Moving on...
 Oh, you must entertain the said 15 month old with a little country music while cooking. She loves her some Blake Shelton and Boy's Round Here. Chew tobacco, chew tobacco spit, really gets her moving. So a little line dancing may occur, but who wants to cook in a quiet kitchen. Not us! While dancing take the opportunity to heat your oven up to 350 degrees. Get that kitchen hot and moving!!!
 So take out your handy dandy whisk and make sure you whisk in that coconut milk and eggs until there are no solid pieces left. Think of it as mixing in a box cake mix (not that I would know ;-0 ) Afterwards, add in your veggies and meat and mix well into bowl.
So despite what people tell y'all, always grease your baking dishes, eggs will stick like no other. I use a 9x13 baking dish and I oil it with coconut oil. Pour your meat/egg mixture into the pan.
                            Clean up crew isn't much help, but she sure is cute to look at =)
 So bake your Jet Fuel at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. It should be a golden color on the edges and fluffy like an omelet. I sit it out to cool and then cut it into squares and place in a lidded tupperware container for Jet Guy to have over the next few mornings for breakfast. Some days it only last two because the kids want it too before school. Anything that helps the school mornings run more smoothly, I'm all about it! Who's with me on that one?!?!
 Sometimes,  I even slice myself a piece or two for lunch and share it with my favorite cup of coffee and savor the moment that my little one is napping and that breakfast is now complete for at least two days.  So much goodness!

Well it really is that simple y'all, so go ahead and add this to your next meal planning calendar and see just how much of a hit it will be. Watch your hubbies start volunteering and the children will sing your praises. Nothing to not like here. If you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to ask them.

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