Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Monday, July 13, 2015

As The Blessings Flow

I am sitting here with about a 15 minute time frame before having to head out the door to pick up kids from school and begin our Friday fun. We have yet another busy weekend ahead and the week behind it isn't looking too lightly weighted either. We are in the final zone of the school year. Field days, violin recitals, standardized testing, class parties and etc. etc. It is hard to believe that the year is finally coming to a close. This month has been filled with stressful things, both good and bad. I am sure if I polled my friends, they would all say the same things, between this time of year and Christmas time, the two just might send any Mama through the roof. Through the crazy, our family has continued to see the blessings flow right from God to us. He is taming our crazy and we couldn't think of a better ring leader to control this circus we call life. Here is a glimpse of our month.

First blessing that flowed was the successful surgery of our Riley Joy. Can I just say we were blown away by the love and prayers that were said on our behalf for our sweet girl?! Truly, our prayer warriors were fierce and diligent and we know how powerful those prayers were and are. Since her surgery she has been talking more, walking more fluidly, and no potty issues. I am humbled and amazed by her everyday. Her smile says it all. Never once did she cry or whimper. She was just filled with Joy! If you prayed for her and us during that time. We are so incredibly thankful for you and for them. God is good and always faithful and she is proof!

Last Day in the ICU sipping on her milkshake, homebound tomorrow! 
Field Day! My favorite school event of the year!

Grace at Field Day with one of her BFF's! 

Caroline's last day of Level 3! Bring on Level 4! 
How did this sweet G get so big! Graduating 5th Grade!
Bye Bye 5th grade and hello 6th grade. So proud of her!

Matthew 17:20 He replied, " Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." 

God has surely fulfilled his promise of moving mountains and we are so grateful that this Summer is beginning on fresh ground, with a renewed hope. We will forever be thankful for each prayer said, carpool help, friends who listened and gave a hug when needed, family who came and helped keep things running and the beautiful cards we received. Our family thanks you and wishes you a Summer filled with hope and time well spent with one another.  Love, The Walker Crew

Jumping Jellybean

June 23rd is a pretty special day around here and one that is counted down to starting about 120 days out. Our sweet Caroline loves, loves, loves her birthday and we don't blame her one bit. She is the life of our party and one you can always count on to smile at you, hug you, encourage you and ask you how your day has been. It is safe to say we are crazy about our always moving, bouncing, jumping, flipping, Caroline! For her special day, in Caroline form, wanted to keep things simple. She doesn't like cake so instead requested a smore bar over an outdoor fire and a homemade slip n slide big enough for all of her friends to slide down. Done and done and it was a great hit. We made quite the collection of smores and thanks to a friend of ours we had a candy table full of Caroline's favorite sweets.  Here is a little peek to our day. We were so involved in the fun, that we got a mosh posh of pics from friends and ourselves. So they are not perfect, but her day was and that is all that matters!

Our S'more bar for the evening!

Caroline enjoying her first s'more of the day!

 Her and her gymnastics pal! 

Our entry sign greeting our friends. Since we had the slip and slide we did towels as party favors!

 Per birthday girl's request, we began our day making homemade donuts!

 Spent the day with one of her BFF's at the pool!

 Soaking up the sun!

Last request of the day was to go bowling! 
That sums up the fun we had celebrating our sweet Caroline. We are all very lucky to have this sweet kid around. She makes every one smile and has taught me a lot about being a mom to a risk taker. She will do great things, this I am sure of. " Although she be but little, she is Fierce." Happy 9th birthday to my one and only Jellybean! Keep climbing those mountains, trees, lamp posts or whatever else you see fit. You are a game changer!