Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Did you...

Did you spend too much money at Christmas time?!? I am sure you have heard these commercials by now. Hubby and I always laugh about these. They are timely aired starting December 26th and is a sore reminder that maybe people overspent, used up their last bit of savings, etc. trying to buy and entertain everyone one time of the year. Other favorites that start about now are, do you need a little extra cash in the next coming year, please sign up for my business and I can help you, help me, we all win, or lets get started early on those new years resolutions of losing weight, start a new lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, all things we can do to make this next year better for ourselves, better for our families, better for others.

As most of you know, I love to write and I love to read other people's blogs too. I have many friends that are very talented writers and I thoroughly enjoy reading about their lives and adventures. Yesterday, I was looking over my Instagram. I also follow some of my favorite bloggers, writers, Mama's and Christian women over there. This came across my feed and it really caught my attention.

So I thought very hard about this question for a long while and I came up with this answer. My family embraced many life changing events throughout the year just like many of you all did. We had joyful moments, we had sad moments, we had hurtful moments and moments that left us completely shocked, humbled, and filled with worry, doubts and fears. So if I had to write a letter to myself it would go like this. 

Dear Sydney,

Please take a deep breath today, look out your morning window and say thank you, whether the sun was shining, snow was coming down, or rain was beating on the roof of the home your in, the fact is, you are in a warm home that provides ample shelter. Take a extra moment and read that extra verse or two in your bible study, you may need it later in the day to reflect on, it may be your saving grace for that day. Before heading in to get the baby out of the crib, remember she won't be sleeping in a crib forever, listen to her cooing/jabber just outside of the door and then greet her little cheeks with a gentle kiss instead of running out too quickly to get the morning routine on the go. That little girl, that still looks little, really is changing and becoming a mature young lady. When she wants to snuggle with you for one more sleep the night before, let her because soon enough, she won't ask anymore. The preteen down the hall, keep monitoring her cell phone despite her reservations, she appreciates it and loves the talks you have before bedtime about her day and what is going on in her world. She's a tough cookie and so mature and responsible, but she still needs a soft place to land when she's having a hard day. Let her still fall into your lap and cry because some days we all just need a good cry. 

Pay special attention my friend, look at your man, see how his hair isn't as dark as it use to be, remember he still needs you even through his own life disappointments or successes. He still needs that woman that makes him laugh and will do the small things that make his every day that much better. Keep being his number one! Watch him with the children, learn from him, make a journal entry reflecting a special moment you caught him in with the kids. Take interest in his little things. He is still a guy and young enough to enjoy doing things with just you. Call that sitter and date that good looking man more. One day the two of you will be sitting in rocking chairs on your front porch soon enough. That is great for the future, but for now, go out with him. Get dressed up for him and still do adventures together. 

Finally My dearest Sydney, remember everyday is a choice. Sometimes we make good ones, other days we make not so great ones. Sometimes we are the perfect weight to muscle ratio, other times we are not. Somedays we get the Mama thing right, while other days you don't. The important thing is remember what you are reaching for, what is your ultimate goal. Believe that their is enough grace to cover even you. Remember that this world will bring you much strife, but remember your home is far beyond this world. The world will tell you that you are not enough, you need to make changes, you need to make you a better you. Remember your creator already made the perfect you. Hold on to yourself and what you find important. Remember that hard times can bring heartache, but it can also bring you peace amongst the storm you are riding. You may want to blow your light out due to frustration, hurt, adversity or fear, but keep shining anyways. HE never promised you a easy road or a perfect year, what he did promise you is himself, a perfect sacrifice for you and your eternity. Hold on to that and his promises will not fail you.

I wish you the calmest of spirits in your upcoming year. May you give as much love and grace to others as HE has shown you. May your light never go out!


Your Future Self 

My question to you all, is what would you write? How might this change your upcoming year, does it make those little things matter more or less? Just some food for thought. While also scrolling my Instagram, I saw this coffee cup and it just might be this year's theme for our family. This past year it was to be the light. So here is our Christmas card and a little inspiration for you. Happy New Year friends, may you continue to shine brightly!