Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Monday, February 2, 2015

Latest Happenings

So things have been super busy here as you might expect with a family of five! There is never a dull moment around here and now that my computer has gotten some of its memory back, I can post some of our most recent pictures.

Poor Caroline started her new year off hospitalized for a bacterial infection. Poor thing was sick for 10 days. Her sweet friends from school and gymnastics sent her get well cards, flowers, and a little art kit. I have honestly never seen her be so still for so many days. This little jellybean had me very worried, but so thankful for all of our friends and family that prayed for her. She is good as new and back to being on her hands more than her feet these days.

 One of my favorite things about having a tween is their ambition to want to try new things. One day after school, G came home and made everyone a dessert, all by herself. She looks so grown up to me these days. She is definitely turning in to quite the young lady.  I remember when I was her age, that is when my mama began to teach me about cooking and meal prepping alone. One of the reasons I believe I have always loved to cook. This brings back so many great memories for me as I watch her grow.
 One of our favorite things we did over the recent holiday weekend was go to the air and space museum. The kids had a great time touring the planes and space ship. They even had a scavenger hunt for the kids to do while there to keep their interest in all of the planes and sites. My girls and the friends that came with us thought it was great. They ended up earning a prize for finding all of the pieces to the puzzle. As you can see, Daddy was smitten with the planes, totally in his element, while baby girl was smitten with him. Let's just say she has him wrapped tighter than a rubber band.
 So this sweetness, AKA Pickle has finally decided she likes bath time. For a while she would pitch the biggest fit about getting wet. I honestly can't blame her with the cold temps here. Who wants to take their clothes off and get wet and more importantly, back out in to the freezing air.  A few new bath toys and now she is hooked. I can't believe she is already 15 months and she is still such a joy for us all. Not a day goes by that this smile doesn't brighten our day! She's still not walking (loves being carried by... you guessed it, sisters), but her vocabulary is taking off and she has recently started mastering some animal sounds. Her favorites are lion and monkey. She thinks it's pretty hilarious to mimic me.
 Well the girls finally had their first official snow day and they spent it with their friends sledding and building snowmen. If I had to guess their favorite part was coming in and having warm cookies and hot chocolate. Seriously, if I'm honest that's the only way I'm going out in the cold. Needless to say, we are having fun here, but these southern girls are ready for their flip flops and warm weather.
 Did I mention, how grown-up my G is looking these days. I look at her in amazement. I see this beautiful little caterpillar changing in to quite the beautiful butterfly. She is kind and has a heart of goodness and faithfulness. This picture is taken with her best friend here in Va and her name is also G.  They both had a 5th grade play and my G got a casting role in it. She was so excited and proud of herself for putting herself out there for a try out and then making it. Although she didn't get a singing role she was still so excited about her acting debut. I could be partial, but I thought she was awesome.
 When you are as busy as her, you do not have time to be fooling around with so much hair. So at her request, we chopped her hair off. Now, I just want to eat her up.
 As for myself, I have been busy making a collage in G's room. I bought this sign from a company called houseofbelonging and it is the exact message I want her to reflect on, not today, but everyday and through all steps of life. So I am adding some details to this awesome piece and more of that will be shown later. I will say my favorite part of the project was sanding and painting. The smell of wood and the work itself reminds me of my Daddy and his awesome talents. I'm no where near his skill level, but it is a fun reflection.

So that's a wrap for us, we also celebrated a recent birthday in the family, but I'm going to leave that for a blogpost all of its own. So much goodness in that one. Thanks for following us and check back for updates, projects, recipes and more the Walker Crew is trying. One good thing about snow days. Is the gym never looked better ( swimsuit season will be back, right?!) and the opportunity to craft and try new foods. Good thing we got that new Crossfit membership. We are going to need it! Ha! xoxo to you all!


  1. Yeah!!! Love the update. Can't wait to see you guys again~ although A will be jealous (again!). :-)

  2. Sorry to hear C was sick :( She is super cute with the new haircut! And G - yay for her cooking and the play! I wonder whose bday you were celebrating??? Yours??? ;) I hope so! Hugs to you all