Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The First Breath

I remember June 23, 2006 like it was yesterday. Hubby and I were off to a routine doctors appointment and ultrasound when the perinatologist came in and said baby C has not grown in about 2 months and you will have her today. We knew from prior exams that she was not growing properly and at a normal rate and honestly, they had us frightened at the thought that this baby could be a stillborn. When we checked in with our OB and got the information that if she was in fact 3 1/2 pounds and 15 inches long as the ultrasound depicted, then she would be delivered at one hospital and immediately flown to another hospital with a higher level of care. As you can imagine, we were nervous and frightened that this day could end in two ways. One, it could end in life and a healthy baby. Two, we could have to prepare for the unimaginable of losing a child at birth. Either way, we were prepared. We, along with family and friends had prayed hard throughout this pregnancy that baby C would be a healthy baby and that God's work would be done. We dropped off our sweet G, packed up our last minute bags and headed to the hospital. It was there I was prepared for a C-section more vitals were ran and the baby was monitored constantly. I remember looking at that monitor and thinking, keep fighting little one, Mama's got you!!! Once prepared, we headed to the delivery room waiting for the unexpected to happen. It felt like eternity, but in actuality, baby C was born at 9:36 p.m. She came and immediately, I heard that first cry. She made it, she took that first breath and with every one of her tears, I shed about 20. I cried that moment for life, I cried for those months of worry and exasperation of never knowing, and finally I cried out of sheer joy, sweet Caroline made it! Once she was born she was whisked away for measuring, our second feat of the day, would she be able to stay or would she need to be transported? As the Lord has it, baby girl weighed 4 lbs and was 17 inches long at 37 weeks gestation. She just made the size and gestation time to be able to stay with me. Yet another example of God's promise to those who are faithful to him. Caroline was a small, but healthy baby girl who was ready to meet this world and blow the socks off of every person she would ever meet. Now 7 years later, she is still our little C, but still full of dynamite. She has the perfect toothless grin and has a big heart for those around her. She is a loyal friend and admirer of her big sister. Her abilities in athletics is far beyond her peers and her laugh is contagious! She is learning about our Lord and what it means to be one of his followers. On Sunday mornings, she can be found singing loudly in service while entertaining others around her. Her humble spirit is shown every evening as she bows her head to pray. Her prayers show her maturity and she is sure to not miss a person. Her heart is pure and her faith is enough. When I look at her, I pray for a future full of joy, but enough grace to cover mistakes as she continues to seek him and becomes a Christian woman. She will for sure be light unto this world that no one has seen before. Her love is genuine and her drive is ambitious. First breaths of a new baby is one we often times take for granted, I know I did after having my first child. With Caroline the Lord showed me a new path, one that I could not control, but a path that could be found through faith and prayer. She and all she is today, is an example of things hoped for, yet are not seen. A reminder that he cares for us and even the smallest of these. His promise is true and his love is never failing. These things I now understand despite what outcome we may have had on this day 7 years ago. I am thankful daily that he has blessed us with a chance to hold her and mold her to the person he wants her to become. Happy Birthday Caroline Faith, may you set this world on fire. Continue to burn bright little one, the Lord has got you!!!
Photo Credited to " A Beautiful Moment Photography by Megan"


  1. You are amazing with words, sweet friend. Happy Birthday to Miss C. She is a beautiful girl - inside and out - just like her Mama!

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