Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things!

I hope with the title of this blog, you are now singing or at least humming to the song from the popular musical " Sound of Music." If so, continue, it will help my writing flow a lot better for you. Every year since almost 9 years ago I begin the same rituals. I get a cold, feel lousy for a couple of days, and then begin to feel better, but not quite myself, so I stay inside for an extra day or two doing the things that I have always done. I guess this is my asthma's way of giving Winter one last kick in the rear (because unlike most asthmatics, mine is way worse in the Winter). I digress. As you can see, according to the timeline, it is close to when my sweet baby G arrived on the scene. Of course, I didn't know it then or realize it would continue to happen, but I get a serious case of nesting. I do sheets, clean out closets, revel in the fact that I can now maybe squeeze in to some smaller shorts, realize oh dear, my legs are awfully white, must sit outside, and dream of Spring and Summer days. Lucky for me, I have mostly lived in places where there are some sneak previews to Spring. San Diego, is perfect for them. Today as I have for years now, began to think of turquoise colors, soft yellows and greens, birthday parties, Christ's resurrection, flip flops and sunscreen, cousins and baseball games. Played my bbq playlist because everyone knows Spring brings out backyard grilling. Oh and did I also mention, that this time of year fills my heart with Mardi Gra, beads, moonpies, and crawfish. Maybe it was the 5 lbs I ate by myself when I was pregnant that has forever engrained in me these rituals. I will never know. I ordered my new depression glass plates to add to my collection. For anyone that knows me, knows I love two things, my Granny and anything that reminds me of her and mason jars!!!! So I got my aqua mason jars out, gave them a dusting, and verified my shipping for the plates. Please see pictures below. I am in love and think they are the perfect pieces to any Spring and Summer table decor. So bottom line, it's a good thing that Ground Hog did not see his shadow because this Mama is ready for Spring. Here are some pictures of my favorite things! Take a minute and enjoy what you love most about the upcoming seasonal change.

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