Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Song Bird

I have written a post before about music and the effects it has had on my life, but have come to realize that it has not only moved me, but my children too. From the time they were babies, I would sit and sing to them. Most of the time it would be silly songs or classic lullabies. I remember how much better they would respond to me if I just did it in a natural sing song voice. Then my sweet ones became toddlers and no matter what I did during the day or how great their nap went that day, they always had what we called a "witching" hour before dinner, bath, and bedtime. So just as they were babies I would pick them up, turn on the radio and sing and dance our hearts out in the kitchen and for that brief time period in our life the "witching hour" suddenly became one of the most memorable experiences I have had as a mother with my kids. I remember how singing for them changed their mood and suddenly tears turned to laughter and my anxiety level would go down tremendously. I also remember that usually right before dinner was placed on the table, their daddy would come home, decked out in a flight suit and would join the fun. He would swirl and twirl the girls around before wrapping his arms around me to take the last dance before the song ended. And for those who do not know, boy can my man sing! He would sing the last tune and then it would be time for dinner. Everyone would eat, take their bath, brush teeth, read stories, and finally one last song before prayers. Oh how many days this was our normal routine.

Now that the girls are a little older being 5 and 7 they still continue to love music and songs. Now more than ever I am more mindful of what lyrics they hear because when they repeat them they are saying the actual words to the song verses making words to fit the sounds they were hearing. But still music for them is still soothing. Their voices are maturing, they can carry a tune and now many days it is them singing to me that is so uplifting. Currently, in our neighborhood there are several girls around my girls ages that love to perform and put on productions. So there are often front yard concerts given to any onlookers that are willing to sit and listen and boy can these girls sing a song.

Although the songs they are singing mostly are from current record labels from Sara Evans, Taylor Swift and other household names. Some songs do not change over time. Now that the girls are older they are not pulling at my legs at 5:00 crying for dinner, but they do have long days. Now they asked to be sung to when things have been a rough day or if they cannot fall asleep. So I gladly take my place as I have done so many times and rub their backs and sing to them the classic lullabies, and good southern hymns. My G's favorite being the old rugged cross. I can almost feel the deep sigh she takes every time we get to the part where it says until "my trophies at last I lay down". Oh sweet girl. You are so right.

This tradition is something I hope my sweet girls will do forever and will pass on to their children. If you have not done it in a while you should. Roll down the windows in your car and sing to the top of your voice, sing and dance with your children in the kitchen. Take a moment to enjoy a sweet song before bed. Not only will you feel better, but your kids will too. But you too might discover you have a song bird that can sing!

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