Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Real Divas

So last Friday night, I was elated to hear that my husband got us tickets to go see a Diva's concert here in San Diego, CA. When I think of Diva's some of the greatest women singers is who crosses my mine like Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, to just name a couple. So initially I was very excited to attend that is until we arrived, waited an hour to get through the line and when finally close enough to see the screen broadcasting the show, there stands half naked women shaking their top portions and mouth dropping men at their feet. The Divas for the night were new to me and my taste of music. I was not even sure who the host was at the time. I had to ask my husband who she is and what show was she from. As the music played and women flaunted themselves to our young servicemen, my heart just dropped. The idea behind these USO broadcasts are to boost moral and to help our servicemen and women get through tough times, battle, and times of distress and maybe for a short time, for the moment it works, but really is flaunting your body parts the best way to boost moral???? Surely, there must be another way. After hearing a familiar song and talking to some people around us we recognized, we decided it was time to go home and relieve the babysitter. All the way home, I just could not get this scene out of my head. I just kept reflecting on the times my husband has been "supported" by these USO concerts in the past and other husbands and young fathers that have been too. Honestly, to me these women are not the real Diva's of the military they are glamorized, overpaid, classless women. The real Divas are the women at home supporting their men in uniform while keeping the homefront a secure place for their man and loved ones to come home too. Many times they are silent Divas. They wear jeans and t-shirts, sweats and often carpool multiple children from various events. They pray diligently to keep their men safe from harm and from those who aim to do them harm. They often take the back seat to their men's many accomplishments while all along being the backbone to their success. Then for a brief moment I became angry at these women. How dare they flaunt themselves to our men in the most trying times of our country and call it in the name of moral! Especially while the true Divas are keeping cadence to their everyday lives at home. These men are not just servicemen, they are someone's husband, father, hero, and christian men who have taken an oath of office to uphold the highest standard of honor. Maybe to their lack of knowledge, women like these devalue our servicemen, their wives and families by taking their focus off the main goal and distracting them from the people who love them most.

After talking to my husband about the event, I finally decided to go to bed. Then today, I wake up and read an article about how the Diva's host offended the crowd by making comments about Sarah Palin's daughter and maybe that was true and good for those who stood up for another vulnerable woman in the media, but I wanted to say what about how they offended military servicemen and their families. If these women really want to become Divas come walk a mile in a military spouses shoes. Hear their babies cry for their daddy when night time comes and he is not there to tuck them in. What about those spouses who have lost their loved ones and are now struggling to put the pieces all together after losing everything. To be a real Diva you have to be the quiet, yet supportive woman that is not afraid to step up to the plate when your man is gone to keep things running smoothly. You have to give graciously and understand there won't ever be enough money, but a house not full of things, but full of love. So girls put your clothes back and on and stop shaking what God has given you and come help and boost real moral and that starts at the homefront, not your pants!!!!

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