Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look, My Boots Are Awesome

So today I went shopping with my four year old. As many mothers know, this could only end in two ways a really bad way or a really good way. Our purpose for going out was to buy new cowgirl boots for everyone to wear in our upcoming family photo shoot on Saturday. Since my oldest already had a pair thanks to her GiGi, the only two needing them were me and my sweet Caroline. So off we went on our little adventure. The first stopping place was Target. Since we were on a time crunch we made a straight line right to the shoe department and there we saw a row of little cowgirl boots in 3 colors brown, black, and pink. To my surprise Caroline did not immediately jump to which ones caught her eye. She carefully screened the sizes and announced to me and anyone else listening that she wore a size 8 and proceeded to choose her color based on her size. I thought this to be pretty intuitive to just be four, but we proceeded forward. Finally the choice came and she picked the pink ones. Of course, you may think, but truly the girl's favorite color is purple. So pink is not always too popular with her. She slipped those little boots on and said they would do and lets buy them. I agreed and happy with the short trip we grabbed a few more things and headed out to our next destination. At Boot World, is where I found my perfect cowgirl boots. Honestly, I have not had a pair of shoes that I thought I looked that good in in a very long time. I picked them up tried them and really studied them and with the new found confidence, I decided to pay for them. Caroline agreed they were perfect. So again, another fast shopping purchase and we were out the door. The last stop we made was to a Walmart and then we went to lunch with some friends and home. Mind you all the way to and from these stores Miss Caroline held on to her little boots in her lap.

As we got home, she was very eager to empty out all of our purchases in the middle of the floor. We had quite a few things out and she zeroed right in to finding the scissors and cutting off her tags on her boots. Once she got those off, the boots went right on her little feet. She walked down the hallway and back and proudly announced "mama my boots look awesome!". Her face lit up the whole foyer and all I could see were those sweet dimples shining through. Truly she was tickled pink. Then she says " mama put your boots on". I thought about it and decided to do it. Then she said " mama now your looking awesome in your boots". And for that moment I felt like I looked awesome and that made me smile. Then the two of us made our way around with our fancy little boots before deciding to put them away until picture day.

As I put away the things from today I could not help but to reflect on her little smile and compliment. It has been a long time since I twirled around with my kids and played dress-up. But for a brief moment today she made me feel like a cowgirl /princess and I knew I was awesome in my four year olds eyes and that is all that truly matters.

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