Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome Sunny California

Our time in Kansas is now over and we have moved to a new place. San Diego, California. Who knew that after 8 years of being away from here we would be back, but this time with more than before. We are missing our friends we made in Kansas, especially the ones left behind, but we are looking forward to the many more we have to make here. On our way out across the country we got to take in many states and all they had to offer. So many beautiful places and so little time to see the sights, but we were up for the challenge. We saw mountains, lakes, snow, desserts, oceans and many more wonderful things. While touring these areas it got me really thinking about God's creation.It was just an amazing reminder to me all of these amazing things were created by God for me to have and the responsibility we have to care for them.

While moving is stressful, especially with two kids, a dog and driving across the country. It was nice to take that break and reflect on things that are really important.

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